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Judith Selcuk Illustrations

Gallery of Judith's work

Commission and Portrait Gallery Commission and Portrait Gallery Frankie Lightfast Oil based pencils on Lightfast paper 206472658 Springer Spaniel Prismacolor pencils on Strathmore Vellum 199644109 Double portrait commission Faber Castell Polychromos on Strathmore Vellum 198097346 Springer in graphite 198097347 Harley Coloured Pencil portrait of a beautiful big eyed dog as a Christmas gift to its owner 196942001 Where we met Coloured pencil painting of the university where a husband and wife first met. Commissioned as a gift from a wife to her husband 196942076 Custom framing available Custom framing is available for all commission work. If an off the shelf basic mount and frame is wanted I can frame this myself for you. If you would like a bespoke made frame I will send your commission to my framers Picturesque in Broadway. This is at cost price and their website is 196942200 Christmas 2014 Canine portrait Coloured pencil commission for a Christmas gift. A3 on archival paper 196942201 Yellow budgie Coloured pencil commission as a Christmas gift. This pairs with the blue budgie 196942547 Blue Budgie Coloured Pencil commission matching the yellow budgie so both could be framed side by side 196942548 Phoebe Coloured pencil commission from a mother to her son for Christmas 196942549 Father and son double portrait Acrylic painting on canvas panel A2 in size 196942550 Baby Shower Gift The animals were taken from the border in the baby's nursery and reordered into an individual scene to create a coordinating picture. The baby's name and birth date was added to the circus tent. 196942578 Double childrens portrait Coloured pencil double portrait taken from several different reference photos and a new composition created. 196942492 We three kings Gouache paint A3 185574834 For Gracelands Painted for the owner of Gracelends Equestrian Centre. These five dogs spanned the life of the owners husband till his 50th birthday. Airbrushed background and coloured pencil drawn dogs 195150008 Malibu in the Buttercups A beautiful coloured pencil drawing using Prismacolor pencils and solvent on illustration board 195150011 Rodney Gouache painting of Rodney. I love the small detail and lettering on the rosette. 195150013 Malibu Gouache portrait of Malibu 195150012 Private commission Gouache paint A3 three dogs that a customer's mother owned as a birthday present. A voucher was bought for her which she then used to have her dogs painted. 185574838 Rodney and Malibu Graphite pencil drawing of Rodney and Malibu A3 196942764 Rodney in Pen and Ink Originally a values study prior to a painted portrait. Rodney in Pen and Ink became a star in his own right and sold with his portrait. 195150016 Pretty A massive portrait of a very pretty little lady painted in gouache 195150015 For Alice Birthday gift painted with gouache paint on illustration board with a marble background. 195150010 Jammie One of my all time favourites Jammie is painted in coloured pencil with a vignette background 195150009 Bridesmaid An example of a portrait that is a lasting memory of your happy day 196942044 Wedding portrait An example of a portrait that is a lasting memory of your happy day 196942045 Anniversary Mug Design The local school was celebrating 150 years and asked me to produce this mug for them. Every child t the school received one which was lovely 196942839 Guinevere Gouache painting for Caroline Murphy of her beloved horse Guinevere 196943094 Peach Gouache painting for the Grand Prix dressage rider Leonie Smith. 196943097 For Anthony Head You may remember the Nescafe man or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The dog is painted in gouache and full of character for the infamous Anthony Head's lovely wife. 196943502 Bella Graphite A3 Framed by customer 185574835 Ruby 2011 Auction of Promises. Graphite pencil A4 145939972 Big H 40th birthday present Graphite pencil A4 119254681 Joey Graphite pencil A4 Croome and West Warwickshire hunt Master's horse Joey 185574837 Three Amigos Coloured Pencil on Illustration board 195150007 Private Commission Derwent Inktense pencil A3 Two different horses in head pose and action shots taken from lots of different photos 185574839 199644108 199644110 206282305 206282302 204511410 206282289 206282290 204511416 204511417 204511418